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Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao2 months ago
The Regional Development Council Northern Mindanao (RDC-X) had recognised the valuable support of Muslim-Christian Agency for Advocacy, Relief, and Development (MuCAARD), Inc. to the Macro and Development Administration Committee - X. It was a great honour to be appreciated of the meaningful participation of MuCAARD in the private sector representatives for the development of Northern Mindanao.

Ms. Imelda G. Manginsay, MuCAARD Mindanao Lanao Cluster - Overall Team Leader accepted the recognition in behalf of the whole MuCAARD family.

This was given in the 29th day of May 2019 during the Second Quarter Meeting of the said committee at NEDA-X Main Conference Room cor Capistrano-Echem Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

Again, it is very humbling to be of service to the grassroots and underserve communities particularly in the poorest areas of Mindanao.

Linda McClintock Tiongco
Imee Ganaden-Manginsay
Mike Macarambon
JM Ramiso
Rasmia Macarambon
Oh Eem Gee
Shao Acorda
Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao4 months ago
People’s empowerment and good governance are characterized by transparency and community partnership. Thus, this shall increase social cohesion in the community.

With this in mind, Mucaard Mindanao - Lanao Cluster (POM and RIAP) had conducted series of public meetings and consultations which were assisted by USAID-ENGAGE and DAI. The local barangays had also shared counterparts especially in the used of venue and snacks. Together, all stakeholders are working to better serve the needs of the public.

The public meeting were conducted in different times at these barangays namely, Bacolod, Batangan, Dilabayan, Montia-an and Salipongan. The activity presented the community situation and its available assets and resources. The flow of the presentation was by assigned topics: people, place and productivity. It also included a simple stakeholder’s analysis.

In effect, the presentation in the public meeting was validated and approved by the local community and barangay officials and authorities through building a consensus.

Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao is with Oh Melz Gee and Mike Macarambon.4 months ago
The Islamic Relief is an independent humanitarian and development organisation. It has been serving humanity since its foundation in 1984 in the United Kingdom in response to the famine in Africa. Meanwhile in the Philippines, it began its work in 2013 delivering appropriate aid in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

At recent times, food distribution was provided in the war-torn Marawi City. Today, the Islamic Relief Philippines is contiuously scoping for partners to help in providing assistance where the organisation is present.

Hence, MuCAARD Mindanao - Lanao Cluster, through RIAP and POM, was visited by representatives of the said organisation - Mr. Vic and Ms. Lisa. They were welcomed by the staffs and volunteers of MuCAARD Mindanao - Lanao Cluster namely, H. Omar, Mike, H. Junairah, Ramlah, Cairan, Hidaya and Omil.

Discussions were very fruitful and both organisations are hoping for better partnership in the future.

Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao4 months ago
Though violent extremism is not officially and rarely defined neither by the United Nations nor the European Union yet to USAID it is about ”advocating, engaging in, preparing, or otherwise supporting ideologically motivated or justified violence to further social, economic or political objectives.”

Henceforth, as what the Wikipedia says, it refers to the beliefs and actions of people who support or use ideologically motivated violence to achieve radical ideological, religious or political views. The extremist views can be exhibited along a range of issues, including politics, religion and gender relations.

They say, violent extremism is usually considered to be more inclusive term than terrorism, although they are broadly synonymous in use.

And what had happened in Marawi City could be arguably related to this issue. With that, MuCAARD and in partnership with the USAID-ENGAGE Project through DAI, ran series of awareness sessions on countering violent extremism in the following communities of Bubong, Lanao del Sur namely, Bacolod, Batangan, Dilabayan, Montia-an and Salipongan.

The sessions provided a venue to exchange perspective about violent extremism particularly at the community level. It aimed to gather and discuss the views on how it affect them as individuals and communities, directly or indirectly. And how they become more vulnerable or resilient about it.

Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao is with Oh Melz Gee.4 months ago
RIAP and POM Lanao Cluster of MuCAARD, Inc. had conducted series of community meetings to provide a project orientation of the USAID-ENGAGE In-Kind Grant Award under the G-DAV-015. The community meetings opened opportunities to discuss what the project is all about and to run workshops that aimed to describe the current situationa of the focused communities and to assess the quality of public services, available resources and governance in the barangays of Bacolod, Batangan, Dilabayan, Montia-an and Salipongan in the Municipality of Bubong, Lanao del Sur.
Mucaard Mindanao
Mucaard Mindanao is with JM Ramiso and Oh Melz Gee.4 months ago
In August 2018, a partnership project between USAID-ENGAGE and MuCAARD was again forged under the G-DAV-015 in-kind grant through Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI).

The implementing team of MuCAARD was the RIAP and POM Cluster. The team visited the community of Bubong, Lanao del Sur for a courtesy call to the young mayor, Hon. Alfais T. Munder.

The team had also presented the organizational profile of MuCAARD and provided a project orientation to the focused communities, in the presence of the Barangay Chairpersons and representatives of the barangays namely, Bacolod, Batangan, Dilabayan, Montia-an and Salipongan.