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BISAP is a social development agency based in Damulog, Bukidnon. It is one of four non-government organizations that established the Muslim-Christian Agency for Advocacy, Relief and Development in 1984. MuCAARD is founded on the belief that: VIOLENCE ENDS WHEN RESPECT, JUSTICE AND LOVE BEGIN. BISAP continues to assist People's Organizations in making Damulog a HOME where Lumads, Muslims and Christian settlers live and journey together towards justice, development and peace.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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The PuLPuG Federation composed of 23 community-based groups held its officers’ meeting at Damulog municipal gymnasium! Mayor Mel Buro pronounced his strong support for the organization during the meeting. The new administration is rekindlling its partnership with BISAP after a temporary breakup this past few years. With the LGU as our partner, BISAP will incessantly work towards our vision that Damulog will become a vibrant and inclusive HOME of Lumads, Muslims, and Christians living and journeying together towards justice, development, and peace.
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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(First of two parts. A reflection on the recently held May 13, 2019 mid-term elections)

Four Questions to TRAPOs
By: Fr. Romeo P. Tiongco

1. Why does a candidate spend so much money to buy votes? This is taking advantage of the poverty of the people and corrupting them with money and false promises? The people need a certain degree of economic stability to gain significant amount of political freedom. They, then, will become less vulnerable to vote buying. Thus, it is very important and urgent that we start launching a solid social preparation program, develop sustainable livelihoods and inclusive economic development projects.

2. Why does a candidate threaten and intimidate voters to vote for him? Where is respect for the people’s right to elect the candidate they want to serve them? This is a blatant violation of the human right to choose and a complete disregard of their dignity. And the candidate doing these is running for public office? He aims to become a “Public Servant”?

3. Why does a candidate employ all sorts of manipulation and cheats to obtain or to remain in power? This is a complete denial and disrespect of the people’s choice. This is a direct affront to democracy, justice, truth and sanctity of the ballot.

4. What kind of a human being is a candidate who buys votes, threatens and intimidates voters to vote for him and deliberately cheats and manipulates the election process in order to win an election? Where is his sense of human decency since his decisions and actions ignore justice, truth, goodness, beauty and sacredness? And the candidate, behind all these tactics, carries out these anomalies in order to win? And he wants to be elected as a “Public Servant”?

Hindi ito matinong tao. Halimaw ito. Hindi siya dapat botohan! Ang matinong tao ay maninindigan sa Katutuhanan, sa Katarungan at sa Banal. Para sa Halimaw ang kahit anong pamamaraan o gamit na magdadala ng kapanalonan sa halalan ay ‘mabuti’. Ang pagbili ng boto, pananakot, pagpatay, pandaraya, pagsisinungaling at pagsira ng pangalan ng kalaban - para sa Halinaw mabuti ang lahat na ito dahil makakamit niya ang ina-asamasam niyang kapanalonan.

Ang Halimaw ay hindi pwedeng magiging tunay na “Public Servant”.

(Fr. Romeo P. TIongco or Fr. Romy for his people and Ka-KPyanos, is an ex-Jesuit priest, a key and influential leader of Kilusang Pagbabago in the province of Bukidnon. He was a three-termer mayor in the Municipality of Damulog, Bukidnon (2007-2016). After his three consecutive terms as Mayor, he decided to retire and focus on his advocacies on organic agriculture and in addressing poverty in his hometown. He voluntarily helped campaign in the presidency of Mayor Duterte in 2016, and actively involve in the agenda of “Tunay na Pagbabago” of the Duterte Administration under the banner of Kilusang Pagbabago. In the recently held May 2019 elections, unable to resist the pleading of his people, and to further advance the advocacy of KP for active citizenship and Good Governance, he ran again for public office, but this time as vice mayor in the Municipality of Damulog).
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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Maican (Purok 2) started with only 11 members. The group is now on its 2nd year with 38 members. Congratulations!
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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PuLPuG Tablon celebrating its 1st year anniversary.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc7 months ago
Welcome ang tanan sa pagahimuong MACO Pre-membership Orientation sa Kinapat sa Lunes, Marso 25 sa alas 9:00 sa buntag.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc7 months ago
We are experiencing El Niño, however, some of these farmers started planting corn last month as demonstration farms for a newly introduced high-yielding corn seeds, organic foliar fertilizer and soil activator. The use of inorganic fertilizers is cut into half and hopefully ZERO inorganic fertilizer in five years. We are helping communities organize themselves and activate the spirit of Bayanihan by helping each other to send sick members to the hospital. As an active community-based support organization towards making the “universal access to healthcare” a reality, we also hope to instill a wholistic approach to health by reintroducing organic farming to PuLPuG members.
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