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BISAP is a social development agency based in Damulog, Bukidnon. It is one of four non-government organizations that established the Muslim-Christian Agency for Advocacy, Relief and Development in 1984. MuCAARD is founded on the belief that: VIOLENCE ENDS WHEN RESPECT, JUSTICE AND LOVE BEGIN. BISAP continues to assist People's Organizations in making Damulog a HOME where Lumads, Muslims and Christian settlers live and journey together towards justice, development and peace.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc3 days ago
This is Arcenio Mandang. He is a 77-year-old PuLPuG member from Barangay Lagandang. On October 2, 2018, while waiting in line at the municipal gymnasium for his senior citizen’s pension, he felt weak and found it hard to breathe. He was brought to the Rural Health Unit and was immediately referred to Bukidnon Provincial Hospital at Kibawe for further treatment.

He was admitted into the hospital on October 2-6, 2018. Doctor’s diagnosis is Pneumonia and UTI.

Because of old age, Arcenio is under the care of his daughter Anita. Anita has three children with Libayaw Dagwayan. While Arcenio is with Anita, his wife lives with another daughter, Elena, who is in Quezon, Bukidnon.

Anita shared:
“Dako ang tabang sa PuLPuG ug Federation sa among pamilya. Dako namong pasalamat nga dunay mga tawo nga naka hunahuna sa pag himo ani nga grupo. Dako sab namong pasalamat sa mga tawo nga nitabang sa Federation. Ang akong bana construction worker. Gamay ra ang sweldo ug igo ra jud sa among inadlaw nga panginahanglanon. Wala mi savings. Kung dunay masakit, mananto jud mi para naay magasto kay sayang man pud kung ang among kabaw ang ibaligya. Makapurdoy jud ug samot kung naay masakit kay 10% man ang tubo kung manantog kwarta, unya dugay pa jud namo mabayran. Samot kadako sa bayrunon. Pasalamat mig dako nga niabot ang PuLPuG sa Lagandang."
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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The meeting was attended by BISAP Board of Trustees and officers of the different community-based PuLPuG groups. Invited guests were ReLOD and DaMA (Damulog Muslim Alliance) members. We were also honored to have Fr. Michael and Fr. David from St. Lawrence Church.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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Looking forward to a stronger ReLOD (Religious Leaders Organization of Damulog). Thank you Pastor Bebot Saliling sa imong effort nga matigum ang nagkalain-laing religious leaders sa Damulog for a special dinner to meet Father Michael, Father David and the BISAP board. See you all this Saturday!
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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Beautiful scenery along the Pulangi River
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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It was a fruitful day touring the Pulangi and Muleta with visitors from St. Lawrence Church -- Fathers David and Michael. From a short talk under a huge tree in Balud to an enjoyable ride down the Pulangi, we reached Sampalok just before lunch to meet Commander Kineg. Last stop was Midlutong where the visitors got to visit the Day Care center that their church funded.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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We finally have a reliable and fast-processing desktop computer! THANK YOU St. Lawrence Church.