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BISAP is a social development agency based in Damulog, Bukidnon. It is one of four non-government organizations that established the Muslim-Christian Agency for Advocacy, Relief and Development in 1984. MuCAARD is founded on the belief that: VIOLENCE ENDS WHEN RESPECT, JUSTICE AND LOVE BEGIN. BISAP continues to assist People's Organizations in making Damulog a HOME where Lumads, Muslims and Christian settlers live and journey together towards justice, development and peace.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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PuLPuG Tablon celebrating its 1st year anniversary.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc3 days ago
Welcome ang tanan sa pagahimuong MACO Pre-membership Orientation sa Kinapat sa Lunes, Marso 25 sa alas 9:00 sa buntag.
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc2 weeks ago
We are experiencing El Niño, however, some of these farmers started planting corn last month as demonstration farms for a newly introduced high-yielding corn seeds, organic foliar fertilizer and soil activator. The use of inorganic fertilizers is cut into half and hopefully ZERO inorganic fertilizer in five years. We are helping communities organize themselves and activate the spirit of Bayanihan by helping each other to send sick members to the hospital. As an active community-based support organization towards making the “universal access to healthcare” a reality, we also hope to instill a wholistic approach to health by reintroducing organic farming to PuLPuG members.
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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PuLPuG is recognized by the Provincial Health Office of Bukidnon as a valuable partner in the implementation of its Service Delivery Network program. Damulog already has 25 community-based groups with more than 400 patients assisted since we started operation in 2017. We are willing to help establish PuLPuG in the barangays of the different municipalities interested in the program. Thank you PHO for recognizing us!
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BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
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Meeting this afternoon organised by local community radio station - Bigfm, Bukidnon - and Mucaard-BISAP introducing local developed corn/maize seeds and using organic liquid foliar fertilizers at affordable prices for the farmers. Over 120 people attended. They're starting with 11 farmer demonstrators who are members of PuLPuG setting up small (1000sq m) demonstration plots in the villages to show what the harvest potentially can be. Farmers can then decide if they want to join for the main planting in April. There's a lot of interest!
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc
BISAP-Mucaard, Inc2 months ago
Herbert Corre is from Barangay Lagandang.
He has been married to Aimee Sabandal for 11 years.
The couple has an 8-year old son, Aidan.
Aidan has cerebral palsy.

On Dec 24-31, 2018, Aidan was hospitalized at Bukidnon Provincial Hospital due to Pneumonia. They spent Christmas at the hospital and was discharged just in time to celebrate New Year in their home.

Herbert worked as a farm caretaker. It was the landowner who told him about PuLPuG. His salary is just enough for the basic needs of the family. Every time a member of his family gets sick, he would usually borrow money from his employer.

“We are relieved that PuLPuG was organized in our Sitio. It provided assurance that we can go to the hospital immediately during sickness. It also gave us the chance to be able to help others. Yes, we have a monthly contribution, but P35.00/month is a very small amount compared to how much we can get from our group and from the Federation.

I am very thankful for the people who came up with the idea of this self-help project. A big THANK YOU also for the people and organizations who supported the Federation. I hope that you will never leave us. Daghang Salamat!”